COVID-19 special information: due to the health situation linked to the coronavirus outbreak, the traditional “cultural days Asia” – known as ISUGA Days – were held this year 100% in virtual, through the social networking.

The students realized a great selection of contents and events on live to share with the public, therefore please do not hesitate to follow the events on Instagram and Facebook to discover its contents!

Should you wish to know more on the training followed by these students passionate about Asia, please go and see the page dedicated to the ISUGA program on our website.

Discover the cultural days « ISUGA DAYS » on the social networking!

Korean Day: 14th december 2020

Japan Day: 16th january 2021

China Day: 13th february 2021

The ISUGA DAYS posters from last year (2019-2020):

Affiche journee coree isuga

Affiche de la journée Japon

Affiche Journée Japon ISUGA 2020