EMBA Business School

Founded in 1990, the EMBA Business School is affiliated to the Chamber of Commerce of West Brittany (CCIMBO).

Since 2009, the 3 faculties have been grouped together on the Creac’h Gwen campus in Quimper:

  • International Business and Marketing / Europe & Asia Marketing: ISUGA section.
  • Business development and Sales: General or specialising in SPORT or E-COMMERCE
  • Business Administration and Management: Management School

Our school offers diverse programs to suit individual career paths: Master’s degrees (5 years post Baccalaureate), Bachelor’s degrees awarded by the CCI and certified RNCP and CQP qualifications.

The one thing all 3 faculties share - we are passionate!
Passionate about business and management, passionate about Asia and Sport.


International outlook and specialists of Asia! For the last 30 years ISUGA has been training students to become International business managers, specializing in the Asian markets of Japan, China and Korea.

Breaking new ground when it was established in 1990, ISUGA remains unique in France by combining these key competencies:

  • Multicultural and Economic expertise in Asia and Europe.
  • Intensive language teaching in Chinese, Korean, Japanese and French

By the end of the 5-year course, culminating in the qualification of an MBA in Management in International Business, EMBA will have given students the necessary academic knowledge and professional competencies to embark on successful careers in International Business and Marketing.


Preparing students for essential corporate roles in the business development and sales sectors has always been EMBA’s expertise. With EMBA you can become a Sales Advisor, Retail Manager or even a Director of Business Development in a wide range of companies!

Various training programs are offered in the Business Development and Sales faculty, which can be either full-time or part time for Baccalaureate +2 and Bachelor’s level qualifications. In addition to the core course (Business Unit Manager, Sales Development Manager, Retail Manager), the faculty also offers specialized options in Sport and E-commerce.

As part of the expanding Sport Business training, EMBA offers a CQP Sales and Technical qualification as well as short training modules for continuous professional training.


Entrepreneurs, management and company executives can also follow training courses at EMBA through continuous professional training alongside their employment or during the planning stage of their takeover or start-up project.

  • Since its creation by the CCI network 25 years ago, the "School for Managers" is a recognized training center for creators, managers or investors preparing for takeovers and in need of essential company administrative and management skills.
  • The training leads to a Baccalaureate/High School +3 State-approved qualification with the title « Chef d’entreprise développeur de PME »
  • The Master Administration des Entreprises (MAE) is a Level 7 diploma, awarded by the IAE-UBO and taught on the EMBA campus.

The School trains around 530 individuals in France (students, apprentices, employees, from post Baccalaureate/High School to Master 2 or sandwich courses) in addition to 50 foreign students on its African campus.
Our objective: to train current and future Company Managers to make decisions and take actions in a continually evolving economy.

Since its creation, the Quimper Higher Education College had these aims:

  • to be a pioneer in its area of expertise
  • to offer unique training courses to students and companies based in Brittany
  • to create and develop programs made with professional teaching methods and taught by professionals to prepare all participants for the business world

ISUGA is a leading business school, with a wide-reaching cursus from business administration, international management, to sales and marketing, connected to the outside world, mixing generations, developing partnerships with numerous foreign universities and each year welcoming to its multicultural campus welcoming students from ten or more countries to its multicultural campus.

You are invited to join us, our trainers and our campus can offer you the necessary skills and qualities to make your career a success.